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As you all might know…. Lucky Squid Studios is attempting to crowd fund some originally designed professionally manufactured plush toys known as the Fruitimals.  

The Kickstarter will run from Oct 15th to Nov 20th!<3 

Each plush toy is made from a super soft vibrant minky fabric, is a huggable 12 inches long, and features expertly embroidered details. 

We have already produced and approved the prototypes. All we need is a successful funding campaign to get them into production! 

Make sure to save the date!<3 

Any additional money received past our main goals will be put right back into production for more of our original designs! We also have some really cool unlockable stretch goals planned! Including a Fan Choice stretch goal- which allows the fans and backers to vote on the next plush produced!

We also have some impressive backer rewards lined up! Here are just a few: 

-Extra cozy 60” woven scarves. 
-Cute rubberized PVC keychains. 
-Sparkly metal necklaces. 
-Roomy tote bags. 
-Durable messenger bags. 
-And additional adorable plush from our collection! 

We even have a few limited edition prizes created by some of our fellow artists:

-Buttered Buns Studios will be providing hand-made fleece hats featuring Orange Fox.

-Coventry Decor will be providing hand etched shot glasses and cute car decals featuring the trio. 

-Magnolia Fern Studios will be hand sculpting and casting beautiful resin figures of our Eggplantypus.

-Starrydance Cosmetics will be crafting some tasty lip gloss sets. 

-Cute n’ Kitchy will be making some adorable clay charms bracelets based on our Berry Sheep!

-Kimchi Kawaii will be illustrating a really cute cross over postcard print featuring the Fruitimals and her adorable characters!

As we get closer to the launch date, we’ll be unveiling more updates and more prize designs in the next few weeks!

Make sure to check the following sites for updates: 

FacebookTumblr - TwitterWebsite





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